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In recent years, mosquito and ticks populations have continued to rise. As a result of these booming populations, the chances of you, a family member or your pet, contracting an illness related to these pests, such as West Nile or Zika Virus, Lyme Disease, or (for your dogs) Canine Heart-worm have also increased.

Mosquitoes and ticks are annoying problems to have when trying to enjoy the great outdoors with your family and friends. All the buzzing, biting, and itching can leave you feeling frustrated. We understand, and we can help. The team members at Daniel Mosquito Control are experts in reducing pests in our environment, and we have several options to customize your mosquito and tick control treatment. Make sure your summer nights are filled with laughter, not ticks or mosquitoes. It’s time to take back your backyard!


Welcome to Daniel Mosquito Control. We are glad you decided to trust us for your mosquito and ticks management needs. Daniel Mosquito Control is a one stop solution for mosquito and ticks. We take great pride in our reputation for excellence.  Our team of seasoned pest control professionals delivers elite pest control to our clients with a combination of experience, knowledge, passion and a deep commitment to our values.  When you call on our team, you’re calling on years of industry experience and know-how.  We know when to look outside the box and what to look for – it’s what distinguishes us from our competitors.